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THE VALLEY, ANGUILLA, 25 February, Anguilla’s Minister of Education, Cora Richardson Hodge attended the fourth meeting of the OECS Council of Ministers of Education in Antigua and Barbuda, on 19th and 20th Barbuda.

The meeting discussed matters of common concern in the OECS. Agenda items included the implementation of the OECS Education Sector Strategy, Disaster Risk Reduction Guidelines for the Design of Resilient Schools, Assessment Policies and their impact on teaching and learning, Sustainable Effective Practices in Early Grade Literacy, Tertiary Education and the relationship between Community Colleges and the University of the West Indies.

Mrs Richardson-Hodge speaking on the significance of the meeting said: “This annual meeting of the OECS Council of Education Ministers plays a key role in ensuring that we in the OECS and especially in Anguilla, continuously review our education system with a view to providing the quality of education that our students need, in part through the use of trained teachers and the necessary school resources.”

“We must also continue to review our current assessment practices to ensure that we do not create demotivated and disengaged students, but instead create policies, diverse programs and practices that enrich our students and motivate them to obtain the maximum benefits from our education system,” Mrs Richardson-Hodge added.

She noted that, “we are training 21st and 22nd century leaders, workers and business owners and it is incumbent on us to ind new ways to provide, not only access to education but also quality education to all levels of learners in our country.”

Also attending the meeting were Director-General of the OECS Dr Didacus uses, personnel from the OECS Education Development Management Unit, representatives from regional and international organizations including the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), the University of the West Indies (UWI), CARICOM, UNICEF, CDEMA, USAID, UNESCO and the World Bank.  









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