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THE VALLEY, Anguilla, As part of its “Transformational Social Security” strategic plan focus, the Anguilla Social Security Board has engaged the services of Mr. Walter Gardiner, a Social Security/Employment Law Consultant from the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), and former Director of the TCI Social Security Board, to conduct a compliance training workshop with its Inspectorate and Compliance Department staff.  The workshop will be conducted over the period 18th February – 1stMarch 2019.

The Board’s Inspectors and other staff members of the Compliance Department are currently undergoing an intense two-week training workshop to strengthen the Department, improve performance and the service provided to contributors.  Some of the subject areas that will be covered in the training workshop include:

  • Review of the Regulations in Relation to Compliance;
  • The Role of the Inspector;
  • The Role of the Compliance Department in Relation to the Payment of Benefits;
  • Preparing for Surveys, Inspections and Investigations; and
  • Conducting Field Surveys, Inspection of Employers and Self-Employed.

Officers will also be exposed to training in court proceedings as the Board prepares to handle “in-house” matters of non-compliance.

Mr. Walter Gardiner is a native of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  He holds a MBA from Leicester University, UK and has over 33 years of experience in managerial positions.  He also has extensive training in court proceedings.  After 24 years as Deputy Director of the National Insurance Board (NIB) of TCI, Mr. Gardiner was appointed as its Director in 2015, and served in that capacity until 2017, making him the longest serving officer at that time.

Mr. Gardiner has a wealth of knowledge and experience in social security.  He was intimately instrumental in the successful implementation of the system in the TCI from its inception in 1991. Over the years as an officer of the NIB, he had been the officer responsible for the management of various departments including Benefits, Prosecutions, Compliance, Public Relations, Human Resources, Staff Training and Data Entry. 

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