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Airport expansion project steaming ahead

 THE VALLEY, ANGUILLA  Chief Minister of Anguilla, Victor Banks says the planned expansion of the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (CJLIA) which is a major game changer for the island’s economic growth and sustainable development, is the focal point of discussions this week between the Government of Anguilla, the ICA Group, Vinci Airports Group and the Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority.

Representatives for the Vinci Airport Group are Messrs. Massimo Bruzzo, Project Director Business Development, Joseph Bou Nadar, Project Manager Business Development and John Green, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer TBI Airport Management Inc.  The Vinci Airports Group is the largest private airport operator in the world and it develops, finances, builds and operates 46 airports, in 12 countries on 3 continents. The Vinci Group operates motorways, airports, bridges and tunnels, railways and stadiums in 20 countries. In December 2018, Vinci Airports acquired the majority shareholding of Gatwick Airport in London.

Representatives for the IGA Group are Messrs. Ali Nawaz Shaikh, Chairman and CEO, Simon Strauss, Chief Financial Advisor and John Kane, Chief Operating Officer.  The ICA Group is the developer for the Conch Bay Development Legacy Project which is a multi-project that includes a hotel, cruise terminal, marina, golf course and other amenities.  Mr. George Lake is the family representative for the Conch Bay Development.

Minister of Infrastructure, Curtis Richardson underscored his commitment to seeing the CJLIA project becoming a reality for the people of Anguilla and is confident of its pivotal role for the island’s economy as a whole.    

Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for Tourism Cardigan Connor feels very excited about the discussions, noting that the marketing promotions currently undertaken nicely bring the pieces together as we forge ahead on a continuous development path. 

The purpose of the discussions is for the Vinci Airports Group, in particular, to see firsthand the airport in Anguilla and to discuss the process the Government of Anguilla has to undertake to get the necessary approvals from the UK Government for the development of the airport. The ICA Group outlined the importance of the development of the airport project to the development in general of Anguilla and in particular to the Conch Bay Development Legacy project and all the other tourism sector projects in Anguilla.

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