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THE VALLEY, Anguilla, The Organising Committee of the Anguilla Country Conference is issuing a special invitation to local and other researchers to participate in the 2019 Anguilla Country Conference.  The Conference is slated for 23-25thOctober under the theme “Communities at Crossroads: Change the Thinking, Change the Future”.

Noting that political, financial or environmental calamities often force our Caribbean and global communities into the metaphorical ‘crossroads’, the Committee points out that we often construe these crises as moments of social and physical decay or even punishment. Accordingly,thegoal of the 2019 Conference is to initiate local, Caribbean and international discourse that proposes a re-scripting of ‘crossroads’ and crises to change and choice. 

Persons interested in submitting individual or shared papers have until 31stMay to submit their abstracts.  Full papers are to be received by the Committee by 31st August. 

Presentations should engage substantially with the theme “Communities at Crossroads: Change the Thinking, Change the Future” and topics may include but are not limited to the following: Migration and the Caribbean Diaspora, Brexit and the British Overseas Territories, Economic Realities in Small Island States, Democracy and Responsibility, Prevention, Punishment and Rehabilitation, Human Rights, Gender and Development, Health and Health Disparities, Nation Building: Education, Culture and The Family, Environment and Development, Communication and Media: Changing Platforms and Realities, Law and Moralit

Persons seeking further information visit the UWI Open Campus website at http://www.open.uwi.edu/or contact Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks at the UWI Open Campus Annguilla  for more information.

The Country Conference is an initiative of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus and conferences are regularly held in non-campus territories of the University around the region. The conference series and subsequent publications are designed to stimulate and highlight research on the host country. 

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