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Proclamation effects Constitutional change

THE VALLEY, Anguilla..Anguilla’s Governor Tim Foy has issued a Proclamation bringing into effect a number of recommendations from the recent Constitutional and Electoral Review exercise as part of amendments to the Anguilla Constitution. 

Govenor Tim Foy

The amendments were put forward by the current administration in the wake of several objections from a number of opposition politicians.

The Statutory Instruments entitled the Anguilla Constitution (Amendment) Order 2019 came into force on 10 April 2019 at the Court at Windsor Castle in London.

The Order amends the Constitution of Anguilla. It changes the title of Chief Minister to Premier and introduces a limit of two consecutive terms for the Premier. It substitutes the term Anguillian for a person who belongs to Anguilla, and revises the categories of people who qualify as Anguillians. It also makes some changes to the qualifications fort elected membership of the House of Assembly and the qualification of voters, and enables the establishment by legislation of an island-wide single electoral district in addition to the single-member electoral districts into which Anguilla is divided. With effect from the next dissolution of the House of Assembly, it abolishes the office of nominated member of the House of assembly.

Provision is also made for an increase in the number of elected ministers; procedure for when the Premier is incapable of continuing in office due to illness or death and removal of the disqualification of ministers of religion  to run for office.

Elections are constitutionally due here by April 2010.

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