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Permanent Slogan for Summer Festival

THE VALLEY, Anguilla, A permanent slogan has been agreed going forward for the annual summer festival in Anguilla.

According to the Director of Youth and Culture, Bren Romney, the island’s Executive Council, as part of its marketing strategy recently approved the new permanent slogan, which will replace the annual themes, “so we will no longer have a theme competition going forward”.


He also disclosed that there will be a full publication of a magazine about the summer festivities which include boat racing. Describing it as a guide to a summer festival, “it will be out in the magazine format and it will outline and focus on the significance of the various events”.

“This year we are trying to get a broader perspective that can be shared in public, because 45 years into summer festival, although some of the various components like boat racing have been around for over 75 years and it is important that we capture the history and traditions that we are trying to preserve behind the summer festivals,” Romney added.

The summer festival theme going forward from this year will be “Beach, Boats and Bachannal.”


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