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Home Affairs Minister satisfied with elections reforms

THE VALLEY, Anguilla, Home Affairs Minister Cora Richardson Hodge says she is satisfied that the reforms are sufficiently advanced in preparations for the next general elections.

The Minister was responding to a question from Opposition Leader Palmavon Webster, in the last house of assembly meeting, as to whether the constitutional process, inclusive of reforms to the Elections Act, are taking place in advance of the next elections in Anguilla, which are constitutionally due around April next year.

Mrs Richardson-Hodge, whose ministerial portfolio encompasses the elections process, said the Elections Act sets out the mechanisms by which voting takes place.

She added that with regard to the other areas covered by the elections act, there has been continued registration of voters for several years, there will not be a change to constituency boundaries neither the proposing of a new enumeration.

The Minster however noted that given the nature of the proposed reforms, what is required is proper voter education, and there is more than enough time to do that.

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