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Bank’s addresses Investment Migration Forum

THE VALLEY, Anguilla Anguilla’s Premier Victor Banks says the island’s decision to become involved in the investment migration industry, has been encouraged not only by the opportunities, but also the commendable efforts of a number of established jurisdictions in the region and elsewhere, to fend off the negative stigma associated with the management of the sector, from the developed world and developed world agencies.

Mr Banks made the remark today, while addressing an Investment Migration Forum in Geneva Switzerland.

He said Anguilla strongly embrace concepts like best practices, robust due diligence, the urgency of effective and efficient regulation, a uniformed transnational code of ethics, transparency in taxation policy issues, competency training and certification of key personnel, use of technology, integrity, playing by the rules, understanding the market/industry and building a dynamic migration programme.

Mr Banks said as a jurisdiction, Anguilla did not have the capacity to conduct a comprehensive feasibility analysis of its offering in the investment migration market, or design and promote an effective programme.

In the circumstances however, the island has carefully selected and engaged a well-experienced consultancy firm, Latitude Consultancy Limited, that has brought Anguilla to the point of delivering positive and encouraging results.

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