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Walter G Hodge memorial Lecture

THE VALLEY, Anguilla, Two Presidents of the Anguilla Community College, one past the other current, delivered the lecture at the 13th annual Walter G Hodge Memorial lecture. 

Professor Delroy Louden

Presenters were Dr. Karl Dawson and Professor Delroy Louden, current President and former President of the Anguilla Community College, respectively. The Lecture was entitled ‘Tertiary Education in Anguilla: The Case Of, And For, The Anguilla Community College’,

The Anguilla Social Security Board collaborated with the Anguilla Community College for the fourth consecutive year, to host the  Lecture on Tuesday, 18thJune , at Resort & Residences at Cuisinart Ball Room. 

The Lecture coincided with the Anguilla Community College’s Rebranding and Book Launch, as part of the observance of the ACC’s 10thAnniversary.

The book entitled  ‘Our Early Years: A Story to Tell, A Nation to Inform – A History of the Anguilla Community College’ was written by Professor Delroy Louden.

The Social Security Board/Anguilla Community College WGHM Anguilla Day Lecture, is one of two public lectures in the Social Security Board’s Lecture Series.  The other being the Social Security Board/UWI Open Campus Anguilla Distinguished Lecture, held during Social Security Week in the month of November.

The WGHM Anguilla Day Lecture focuses on national development, and is usually held early in June after the celebrated Anguilla Day public holiday of May 30th(Anguilla’s secession from the tripartite State of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla).  Walter G. Hodge was one of the pioneers and national hero of the Anguilla Revolution.


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