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UWI Open Campus launches new academic year

THE VALLEY, Anguilla, The UWI Open Campus Anguilla has launched the new academic year with its Semester One 2019/2020 local Site Orientation. Staff, as well as Executive and other Members of the Anguilla Chapter of the UWI Open Campus Guild of Students were on hand to welcome the new students. The Preparatory/Meet & Greet session formed part of a number of online and face-to-face orientation and registration activities geared towards preparing the online students for their new academic journey

Welcome remarks came from Manager for the UWI Open Campus British Overseas Territories Sites, Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks, who congratulated the new students and commended them for choosing the UWI.  “Our University is number one in the region and among the top 5% in the world and the Open Campus provides an affordable and accessible pathway for tertiary education,” she told the students. Highlighting new programmes like the Bachelor in Sports, Dr. Fleming-Banks pointed out that as the number of programmes and opportunities continue to increase, that the UWI Team was delighted that more and more Anguillians and residents were using the Open Campus to achieve their goals.

Administrative Assistant, Ms. Tesia Harrigan followed up with a presentation on the registration and other processes.  UWI STAT Ambassador and Guild Chair, Ms. Kemoloy Murphy also welcomed the new students and outlined the activities and support network established by the Guild to help ensure their success.  Words of support and encouragement also came from Deputy Guild Chair, Miss Melissa Harrigan.  The new students ended the evening sharing and networking.

Other Orientation Activities for the 2019/2020 academic year include a Church Service, the official Online Welcome and Matriculation Ceremony, and the annual “Oneness” networking evening with members of other local Student bodies.

The UWI Open Campus Anguilla received more than 70 applications for their online programmes for Semester One 2019/2020.   They are still receiving applications for the local face-to-face Continuing and Professional Education programmes which begin during the second week in September.







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