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Public Accounts Committee getting assistance

The Anguilla House of Assembly through the UK Overseas Territories Project, has been able to secure anexperienced clerk on attachment from the UK House of Commons to assist the Public Accounts Committee in developing its upcoming work plan, and its inquiry and committee management processes.

The UK Overseas Territories Project is a three-year programme of support for public financial management in the Overseas Territories.The Commonwealth Parliamentary AssociationUK, in consortium with the UK National Audit Office (NAO) and the UK Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA), and funded by the HMG-wide Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF), works with partners in the UK and Overseas Territories to deliver a series of activities focused on providing technical assistance, training and mentoring to support and encourage effective public financial management. The Project focuses on three areas: internal audit; external audit; and parliamentary oversight of public finances. 

The Clerk on attachment is Dr. Anna Dickson, who will be in Anguilla for a period of three months. Dr. Dickson is currently employed by the House of Commons as a Table Office Clerk and has served on various committees of the House of Commons during her tenure. These committees include the Defence Committee, the Communities and Local Government Committee, and the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies where she obtained a Bsc in International Relations; Cambridge University, a Diploma in Development Studies; and The University of Southampton  where she obtained a PhD in Politics and International Relations.

Dr. Dickson will be serving in the capacity of Clerk of Committees to the Anguilla House of Assembly; a post which the Assembly is in the process of  bringing onstream for the 2020 budget cycle. As a strategy to build capacity and transfer knowledge, Dr. Dickson and the Committee will be assisted in their work by Mr. Khari Goddard and Ms. Tiffany Richardson. 

Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Hon Palmavon Webster has commented:

“I also wish to extend on behalf of the Committee our sincerest thanks to the Overseas Territories Programme for making this a reality. Even though the current PAC is nearing the completion of its term, it is my belief that the work we do must not only be geared toward ‘the Now’ but more importantly about securing the future; with this in mind, quite a bit of the work with Dr. Dickson will be focused on building the institutional capacity of the Committee to deliver good and proper oversight on behalf of the Assembly and the people of now and for the future.”

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