COVID-19 Press Releases

COVID-19 Update – Sample Tests Negative, None Pending

Today, April 4th at 12:12am, the Ministry of Health received notification from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), that the sample sent on Wednesday April 1st, has tested negative for the COVID-19 virus.

To date, Anguilla has confirmed three cases of the COVID-19 virus and there are currently no samples pending results.

The Government of Anguilla has been preparing for the arrival of COVID-19 since late January. We urge residents not to panic and instead be guided by the helpful practices that you can do prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Members of the general public are once again urged to follow proper hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and comply with the social distancing measures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Ministry will continue to provide timely and accurate information as the situation continues toevolve. Persons with any questions, including those with concerns that they may have been exposedto COVID-19, should call the Ministry’s hotlines at 476-7627, that is 476 SOAP or 584-4263, that is

The Ministry of Health will continue to provide timely updates through our media partners, our official Facebook page or at

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