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COVID-19 Response Quarantine Update – First repatriated persons to be released

The Ministry of Health notes all residents being repatriated to Anguilla are required to quarantine for at least 14 days after their arrival to Anguilla pursuant to the Public Health (Quarantine) Regulations and the Quarantine (COVID -19) Rules 2020.

Persons under quarantine have had their movements restricted and are routinely monitored by health personnel to assess for the development of any symptoms associated with COVID-19 as well as their compliance with the conditions of quarantine. Additionally, the current law states that all persons must be tested for COVID-19 on arrival to Anguilla and before being released from quarantine.

To date, 103 persons have been quarantined: 37 persons under home quarantine and 66 persons at a government facility under the repatriation programme. All 103 persons have tested negative on arrival and none have shown any symptoms or signs of COVID-19 thus far.

Furthermore, after investigation of several reports, including with the involvement of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, no persons were found to have broken quarantine. However, there were challenges with community members attempting to visit the quarantine sites; this has been rectified with the adoption of enhanced security services at sites.

On June 20th, subject to a 2nd negative test and no development of symptoms, the first set of 8 repatriated persons will be released from quarantine. Subsequently, there will be a series of releases during the week of June 22nd. All persons will be issued certificates as proof of their release from

The Ministry of Health thanks the general public for their cooperation during this activity. However, the public is also urged to treat repatriated persons with compassion upon their return home. Furthermore, every effort should be made to avoid stigmatization and discrimination of these individuals. Not only does this often negatively impact the mental health and psychological well-being of the persons who experience it, but also, many of the persons being repatriatedhave already experienced great challenges prior to their arrival including prolonged separation from loved ones, financial hardships and general anxiety due to the desire to return home as soon as possible.

The Ministry will continue to provide timely updates through our media partners, our official Facebook page and the website.

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