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Non-Partisan Citizens to Observe General Election

The Anguilla Governor’s Office under the legal basis set out in the Regulations, 2020 made by the Governor under Section 97 of the Elections Act 2019 (Act No. 18/2019) has accredited the “Anguilla Independent Citizens Observers (AICO)”.

The role of the Anguilla Independent Citizens Observers (AICO) is to observe and evaluate the upcoming Anguilla General Election of 2020. This independent and non-partisan team comprises two community-based citizens, the Anguilla Christian Council (ACC) and the Anguilla Evangelical Association (AEA). In addition, individual citizens not affiliated with the ACC and AEA have also
been engaged as observers.

The team is led by a Core Team of community leaders including Reverend Wycherley Gumbs, Pastor Philip Gumbs and Minister Avenella Griffith, and is supported by an overseas Citizens Observation Consultant. The Core Team is responsible for the overall management and implementation of the citizen observation and adherence to non-partisanship. A total of 30 non-partisan observers has been recruited and deployed to observe Advance Voting on June 26, Election Day on June 29 and the counting of ballots at the conclusion of voting. This non-partisan observation will be present in all seven Electoral Districts and at all twenty polling stations. A public statement will be released after
the announcement of official election results outlining key observation findings and recommendations. A final report will be issued by AICO by July 31.

All accredited observers will wear official clothing and an accreditation badge which will clearly identify them as members of the observation team. This observation and all observers will comply with the “Declaration of Global Principles for Non-Partisan Election Observation and Monitoring by Citizen Organizations”. Each observer has also signed a pledge of non-partisanship
stating that they have no public affiliation with any political party, candidate and/or agent participating in the 2020 General Election.

The Anguilla Independent Citizens Observers (AICO) is independent from the Anguilla Governor’s Office, the Government of Anguilla, and any political party or candidate. Although this observation is supported by the Anguilla Governor’s Office, the Governor’s Office has no involvement in its observational duties, findings and no editorial role in any public statement issued by AICO.

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Reverend Wycherley Gumbs

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