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The Valley, Anguilla, August 19, 2020…… On Friday, August 21 st , travelers aspiring to visit Anguilla may start the application process online at the Anguilla Tourist Board’s website. Beginning August 21 st , persons wishing to travel to Anguilla may apply for entry for dates up to October 31 st , 2020. Persons
interested in coming to Anguilla from November 1 st and beyond will be invited to apply for entry at the end of September 2020. Candidates will receive a response upon submission, and an assigned concierge will work with the applicant throughout the process.

“There are three main principles that have governed and grounded our efforts as we formulated our reopening protocols – research, risk mitigation and capacity,” declared the Hon. Parliamentary Secretary, Mrs. Quincia Gumbs-Marie. “Given our current Covid-19 free status, management of risk is at the center of our strategy. We have adopted a phased approach, whereby persons wishing to travel must first apply; we also prioritize persons originating from low risk countries and longer stay travelers; and we limit onward transmission of the virus from imported cases by sequential testing and restricting contact with our general population for periods of 10 – 14 days,” she concluded.

“Visitors’ priorities have changed; health and safety are now of critical importance,” stated Kenroy Herbert, Chairman of the Anguilla Tourist Board. “Anguilla is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this new normal — we are a little off the beaten track, our spectacular beaches are uncrowded, we have
an expansive villa sector with properties at a variety of price points, and intimate boutique resorts. In addition to our homeowners and repeat guests we are also targeting a new clientele we call digital nomads, who will come and work remotely from Anguilla on extended stay visas.”

The new portal goes live on the Anguilla Tourist Board’s website on August 21 st with a call to action – “Lose the Crowd. Find Yourself.” The site provides visitors with everything they need to know about the application process as well as experiencing life in Anguilla.

The first section provides an overview of Anguilla’s Covid-19 status – there are currently no active or suspected cases on the island – and then moves on to the categories of travelers accepted, the terms and fee requirements, and the list of certified and approved properties and ground transportation operators. The site details what to expect at each stage of the application process, from pre-arrival, to traveling to Anguilla, upon arrival on island, and finally staying in Anguilla. The final section provides useful information for those planning to live and/or work remotely in Anguilla, and a click on the Get Started button will take you to the Visitor Application Form.

Priority is being given to persons from low risk countries, where the virus prevalence is less than 0.2%, and long stay travelers. Persons from high risk countries are reviewed on a case by case basis, taking into consideration whether they are a business guest, i.e. a person with current or intended investment in Anguilla; their length of stay and the prevalence rate in their individual locale.

All visitors will be given a PCR test on arrival, with a second test administered on day 10 of their visit, for those originating from low risk countries, and on day 14 for guests arriving from higher risk countries, which covers the incubation period for the virus. A negative test result obtained three to five days prior
to arrival is also required. This three-testing protocol has demonstrated a predictive value rate of 97% in identifying the virus in persons from a low risk area. During this stay in place period, visitors can enjoy all the facilities and amenities at their villa. There is also a strong field surveillance component, in
collaboration with the respective villa management agencies, where guests will be monitored periodically for temperature changes and any symptoms of the disease. Once a negative result is returned after the second test, guests are then free to explore the island.

Managing these stringent re-entry protocols and procedures does come at a cost, and the following fees for entry have therefore been established by the Government of Anguilla, payable only on approval of
the application:

For a stay of under 3 months:
Individual Traveler: US$1,000
Business Guest: US$1,000
Family (4 persons): US$1,500 (There will be a charge for additional family members, which will be shared on the site.)
This fee covers two tests per person, surveillance and costs associated with the additional public health presence.

For a stay of over 3 months and up to 12 months:
Individual Traveler: US $2,000
Business Guest: US$2,000
Family (4 persons): US$3,000 (There will be a charge for additional family members, which will be shared on the site.)
This fee covers two tests per person, surveillance and costs associated with the additional public health presence, the cost of extended time and a digital work permit.

For information on Anguilla please visit the official website of the Anguilla Tourist Board:; follow us on Facebook:; Instagram:
@Anguilla_Tourism; Twitter: @Anguilla_Trsm, Hashtag: #MyAnguilla.

For the most recent guidelines, updates and information on Anguilla’s response to effectively containing
the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit

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