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As part of Caribbean Wellness Month, the Ministry of Health and the Health Authority of Anguilla are formally launching the HEARTS programme at Welches Clinic on Friday 4th September, 2020 at 2pm.

HEARTS is a global programme which was developed by WHO to strengthen cardiovascular management in primary care.  In Anguilla, HEARTS is focusing on improving health care in hypertension and Type 2 diabetes which are two of the major contributors to cardiovascular disease on the island.

There are six main components that together spell the name HEARTS.

  • ‘H’ is for Healthy Lifestyle Counselling,
  • ‘E’ is for Evidence-based Treatment Protocols,
  • A’ is for Access to Essential Medicines & Technology
  • ‘R’ is for Risk-based Cardiovascular Management
  • ‘T’ is for Team-based Care.
  • ‘S’ is for Systems for Monitoring

Over the last few months it has emerged that there is a higher risk of worse outcomes in those persons who contract Covid-19 and have other significant health conditions, such as diabetes. Hence in 2020, the HEARTS programme is extremely relevant in Anguilla to ensure that we not only reduce cardiovascular-related problems, but also reduce the risk of serious illness and deaths in persons who might get Covid-19 in the future.

The Ministry of Health and the Health Authority of Anguilla encourages the general public to watch the livestream of the launch at InAnguilla facebook page and to attend the other planned activities for Caribbean Wellness month.

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