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Novel Coronavirus; COVID-19, initially deemed a major health crisis, has evolved into a catastrophic global economic crisis. In an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Anguilla, along with many other Caribbean countries closed borders, thus restricting travel to their shores. As a result, regional and international tourism came to an unprecedented halt, in turn immobilizing countries’ Tourism Economies.

Anguilla, like the rest of the Caribbean, is now mandated to manage the health and safety of its people and at the same time resuscitate employment and the overall economy. This entails a gradual reopening of the Tourism Sector, which will require a heightened level of responsibility, requiring the ability to co-exist with COVID-19, as done with other communicable diseases. The reopening of the Tourism Sector as a measure of reviving Anguilla’s economic activity has becoming a glaring task of balancing the health and safety of the island’s people and the resurgence of the island’s Tourism Economy.

The Government of Anguilla, understanding the task at hand has taken on a Phased Re-opening Approach, which means Anguilla will be open for business but with limitations, restrictions and implemented specifics in the initial stages, with either the lessening of these or by employing new measures as time progresses. For this proposed approach to be successful, protocols to govern the sector and every cross-sector have been developed and will be made compulsory for implementation sub-sector by sub-sector.

On Friday 11th September 2020, the Government of Anguilla, will be presenting and discussing the Ground Transportation COVID-19 Protocols with ground transportation personnel and local airline operators.

The objectives of this presentation and discussion are as follows:

  1. To sensitize the island’s ground transportation sector, for direct interaction with guest and the proposed re-opening of ports;
  2. To discuss proposed training for ground transportation operators.

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