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Novel Coronavirus; COVID-19, initially deemed a major health crisis, has evolved into a catastrophic global economic crisis. In an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Anguilla, along with many other Caribbean countries closed borders, thus restricting travel to their shores. As a result, regional and international tourism came to an unprecedented halt, […]

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The Valley, Anguilla, August 19, 2020…… On Friday, August 21 st , travelers aspiring to visit Anguilla may start the application process online at the Anguilla Tourist Board’s website. Beginning August 21 st , persons wishing to travel to Anguilla may apply for entry for dates up to October 31 st , 2020. Persons interested […]

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COVID-19 Response Quarantine Update – First repatriated persons to be released

The Ministry of Health notes all residents being repatriated to Anguilla are required to quarantine for at least 14 days after their arrival to Anguilla pursuant to the Public Health (Quarantine) Regulations and the Quarantine (COVID -19) Rules 2020. Persons under quarantine have had their movements restricted and are routinely monitored by health personnel to […]

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Statement from H.E. Governor – Border closure, repatriation and quarantine regulations

Border closure 1. On 18 June, Executive Council agreed to extend the regulation closing ports to 14 July while keeping the previously agreed exemptions unchanged. These exemptions tightly limit the permitted movement of vessels and aircraft to those: i. used for cargo and medical purposes, including medical evacuations; ii. carrying passengers out of Anguilla; and […]

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Persons Screened for COVID-19 in Continuing Response; Current Status Remains

Over the weekend, the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team collaborated with the Royal Anguilla Police Force and Immigration Department in the management of persons suspected to have entered Anguilla illegally some time earlier this year in the weeks prior to the border closure. Based on the apparent timelines, histories and health examinations, there was a very […]

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Cases/suspected cases – testing has now shown that there are no active or suspected cases of Covid-19 in Anguilla. This is a great achievement but none of us should be complacent. Keeping Anguilla safe – with no active or suspected cases the Chief Medical Officer today (27 April) advised Executive Council that all regulations restricting […]

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Results Negative for COVID-19 in Sudden Death Investigation; All Three Confirmed Cases Now

The samples sent to rule out COVID-19 in the sudden death investigation have tested negative. Due to the exigencies of the situation, an initial test was done in Sint Maarten on Thursday, April 23rd and the result, which was received at 9:13pm on Thursday, is negative. Furthermore, in keeping with the normal quality assurance practices, […]

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Sample Sent to Rule Out COVID-19 in Sudden Death Investigation

Today, April 23rd, at 9:57am, we received notification of a sudden death in the community that is currently under investigation. In the interest of thorough epidemiological surveillance within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, samples were taken to rule out COVID-19 infection. As per the established protocol, all close contacts have been placed under quarantine […]