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Blue Anguilla (BANG) Task Force

Anguilla’s blue economy is indistinguishable from its growth agenda and is seen as an important channel to sustainable and inclusive growth, and also progressing to the sustainable development goals. This paper articulates the ambition for being a blue economy and provides a situation analysis of the existing barriers to blue growth and explores the opportunities […]

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Hon. Deputy Governor Announces Portfolio Change for Permanent Secretaries

16 July 2020 – The recent allocation of the Government of Anguilla ministerial portfolios has presented the Anguilla Public Service the opportunity to realign the portfolios of the cadre of Permanent Secretaries. Commenting on the changes which will take effect 20 July 2020, the Hon. Deputy Governor Perin Bradley said: “To best serve the Anguillian […]

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UK and local teams discusses constitutional reform

THE VALLEY, Anguilla, The Ministry of Home Affairs announces that a team of officials from the United Kingdom Government (UKG) will be visiting Anguilla during the week commencing 18th November 2019 to begin discussions on Constitutional reform. Leading the team will be Mr Adam Pile, Deputy Director and Head of Caribbean and Southern Oceans Department, […]